Our Approach

We use the latest technology to give you the most reliable, scalable and secure applications possible


Constant analysis of our projects help us to make sure our processes and procedures are working for you and your application. We consistently reflect and examine our operations to make sure things are getting done as efficiently as possible.

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Stay focused on improvement.

The same way we focus on continuously improving your application, we also focus on continuously improving our development processes.

We always want our methods to fit your needs and deliver the best results possible. Requirements are constantly changing and so our operations need to change along with them. We consistently analyze what works and where improvements can be made so that we can continue to provide quality services.


Keep ahead of threats.

When it comes to security, we stay proactive. We are constantly analyzing and searching for possible security issues in order to stay ahead of threats to your application’s safety and reliability.

Although we always employ continuous security to our projects, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to keeping applications safe. We provide custom security solutions and constantly monitor their effectiveness so that we can maintain and improve the dependability of your applications.

Architecture / Technology

Be at the forefront of innovation.

Technology changes daily. New tools and methodologies are constantly being developed to make application hosting and development more secure, more resilient, and more effective. At T1CG, we like to stay up-to-date on the latest ideas so that we can analyze and employ the latest innovations that will bring value to your products.

We specialize in updating legacy systems into modern, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure and software.

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