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We use the latest technology to give you the most reliable, scalable and secure applications possible

Cloud Computing

Modernize your legacy applications leveraging on-demand, distributed architecture that can scale up when needed and down when its not so you only pay for exactly what you need.

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Give your applications a solid foundation.

You want applications that are always available to your customers. The right infrastructure is the first step in making this happen.

At T1CG, we use cloud providers like AWS and Azure to provide a rock-solid, secure infrastructure for your applications. Everything is configured in code, allowing quick, consistent changes whenever needed.


Run your applications securely, visibly, and connected.

There's more to launching an application then pressing start. You need servers, databases, automated testing and quality control, logging, monitoring, security scanning and more.

We provide tools to help you develop, test, and deploy with high observability so you always know how your applications are performing and can stay ahead of any issues that may arise.

Managed Services

Industry standard tools deployed in minutes.

Full customization of services is sometimes required and can be beneficial for completely unique situations, however in many cases, the use case of a particular technology is already well established. In these cases, we can make use of cloud provider managed services.

Managed services provide enterprise ready, proven solutions that can be ready in a matter of minutes or days, as opposed to weeks or months. Because these services are managed by the cloud provider and in use by hundreds of other companies, you can be assured that your application will be running at the highest level of performance and reliability. T1CG makes use of managed services where it can be most effective in providing top-notch performance and reliability with a quick turnaround.


Create impactful solutions for your users.

Have a great idea but no development team? Look no further! T1CG provides full-stack development services. We create modern, responsive, high-performing applications using the latest tools like React.

We work with you from day one to quickly build an application that works for you and your customers. We then continue to iterate and develop on top of the initial product to improve features and stay ahead of the competition.

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