Tier 1 Consulting Group

Changing the culture of software development

T1CG is a small, domestic technology services provider, primarily focused on supporting the healthcare IT industry, with core strength in helping organizations transition from the traditional command and control process orientation to the practice of Agile values and behaviors.

Although many organizations large and small have adopted Agile-like ceremonies, tools, and methods, without the needed culture change from top to bottom, the outcome will be inconsistent and ephemeral.

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Work Differently

We believe in greater autonomy as a company in which many of the decisions are derived from the bottom-up, with high-trust among collaborators and a focus on outcomes rather than processes.

The T1CG members have espoused the Agile manifesto and demonstrates their passion with continuous learning & improvement by learning to become more self-organizing, and realizing that transformation starts from within.

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Join Our Team

At T1CG, we are always looking for new members who share our values and want to be a part of a company where their opinion matters and their voice is heard.

We welcome new ideas, constant learning and exploring the cutting-edge technological frontiers that drive our industry.