What is your OM?

Every organization has an operating model that determines the level of needed business process integration and standardization. For example, Chipotle has a very different operating model than Facebook. Information Technology choices and solutions must be aligned with the operating model.

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IT Advisory and Consulting

It isn’t always easy to plan for the future and it can be difficult to take a step back and see the big picture when you are deep into development.

We can help.

We’ll assess your current employees, processes and technologies to identify areas that can be improved based on real data. Once we have completed our assessment, we will provide recommendations based on your organization’s goals and objectives and put you on the track to success.

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  • Assessment of current people, processes, and technologies

  • Identification of areas of improvement based on data

  • Recommendation based on the alignment of the organization’s strategic goals

  • Roadmap planning to the To-Be state

  • Implementation guidance and assistance

Cloud Management


Our approach to DevSecOps is that all IT services related to security as well as operations and maintenance are tasks that can be solved by developing software systems. In other words, IT service management tasks are incrementally and iteratively automated. We employ practices such as Site Reliability Engineering, Infrastructure-as-Code, Configuration-as-code, and Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.

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Agile Development

Improve your business agility

Your needs and the needs of your customers are constantly changing. T1CG can build applications that can change with you.

We believe that the development process is never done and that improvement is always possible. We follow the Agile methodologies that allow and even encourage constant changes to better suit your needs.

We continuously develop and integrate new features and improvements so that your application is always aligned with the specific and ever changing requirements of your clients.

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